Windows 7 Migration and Zen Replacement Project Wave

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Windows 7 Migration and Zen Replacement Project Wave Hello everyone, I decided to modify this wave to focus on the Windows 7 migration. Let's test this platform out as a collaboration tool and see where it takes us! The Windows 7 migration is an extremly complex and far reaching project and I hope Wave within our Apps domain will allow us some cutting edge tools to communicate. First of all, I will outline my vision for our desktop enviornment and give updates on where we stand with our next generation infrastructure. Feel free to point out my blind spots and add your input. The desktop as we have known it for the last several years is changing. In the past, the desktop computer sitting in an employee's office was the single point of computer access to company data. This is obviously no longer the case. Today employees will access company data from university or employee owned workstations, laptops, netbooks, and mobile devices with many different types of operating systems. Employees are expecting a unified computing experience across all of these platforms. (As a side note, our decision to go with Google Apps as our mail/calendaring/messaging solution was a HUGE step in this direction and I feel time will show that this was one of the best decisions we have ever made. GroupWise was too rigid and could have never made the transition to next generation devices.) How do we deliver our applications to these devices? Can we make all of this data easily accessible yet secure? How do we support all of this? These are a few of the challenges we are facing. To begin with, I want to make a break between desktop administration and application administration. In the past, it was pretty much a Windows only wor... ... middle of paper ... ...plications residing on the server via a simple RDP file. Users double click on the file and are promted to authenticate with their AD credentials. At that point, the application is launched and delivered to the desktop in a seamless enviornment. I have imported App-V instances of Talisma and NextGen into this enviornment and we are testing with it right now. Another great feature of this product is the ability to access the Windows only applications with alternate platforms. I have successfully access Talisma from MacOS and Ubuntu Linux via the RDP file. This brings us another step closer to applications being platform indepenant. I know this is kind of rambling, but wanted to bring everyone up to speed on the status of the project and were we will be aming in the future. I will address VDI in a future post. Have a great Memorial Day weekend.

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