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“The wind turbine captures the wind’s kinetic energy in a rotor consisting of two or more blades mechanically coupled to an electrical generator” (Patel, M. R., 2006). According to wind turbines rotor layout they can be categorized into two main types Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine and Vertical Axis Turbine (Shuqin, L, 2014).
The airborne turbine is another of turbine type considered in this report, as Sandikhola village is located in higher altitudes.

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT)

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) are most common type of turbines used around the world (see figure a). Kinetic energy in the wind is converted into rotation motion by the turbine blades. This slow rotation speed is transformed into the gear box by the main shaft in front of the gear box (seen figure b). The gear box increases rotation speed to an appropriate rotation speed required for the generator. This increased rotation speed is transmitted to the generator by a fast rotating shaft. The electric energy generated from this rotation motion is transmitted to the grid by the cables.

Generating electricity with wind turbine is relatively simple. However things are not so simple, when the wind is not blowing at same speed or the same direction all the time. This creates additional problems to be handled by the turbine which requires additional components to overcome these problems. Change in wind speed and direction is measured by an anemometer at the top of the wind turbine; which sends data to a controlled computer in the nacelle. The computer than sends all signals to the control system, which changes the angle of the tack of the turbine blades. This causes the turbine blades to rotate in their axis; this action is known as pit...

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