Wind Turbine Essay

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A wind turbine converts mechanical energy of wind into electrical energy. First wind turbine for generating electricity was built by Charles F. Brush during 1887-88. Later, Dane Poul La Cour discovered that fast rotating wind turbines with lesser blades are more efficient than slow moving wind turbines for producing wind turbines [6].

Wind turbine blades are shaped to produce maximum power from the wind at the minimum cost [8]. Wind turbine blade consists of mainly of two components-
1. Outer Shell- It is the outer covering of the blade. It further consists of the following
1.1 Solid Laminate Leading Edge- It is made of glass or aramid fibers. It carries some portion of the torsional load.
1.2 A Trailing Edge – It consists of upper and lower Sandwich panels made of glass or
Aramid skin.
2. Main Spar
Main Spar and Outer Shell are bonded together by an adhesive after being manufactured separately.

Fig. 2 Components of wind turbine blade
(Ref- Challenges for large wind turbine blades)


The outer shell provides the aerod...

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