Wilson's Executive Order for Reelection

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The integration of the military after the Second World War in the United States was the first vital victory that Americans had towards marching civil rights. In the book “The Double V” by Rawn James, Jr, he credits various factors for the victory in the march towards civil rights. Such factors include the international pressures, the need for power by the military, protest marches, the leadership styles of the prominent African-Americans as well as the political calculations of Harry Truman. However, this paper is only going to discuss two factors and how they were important in marching civil rights. The two factors include political gain by gaining the Black vote and the need for manpower. Political Gain by Gaining the Black Vote The right to vote is something that is considered very important in the US; however it was not granted to the Blacks until after the 1965 Voting Rights Act. During the US elections, gaining the Black votes was crucial in gaining political mileage. The Black support can be considered as a strength and weakness for the democrats. Even though the support of the Blacks could estrange other races of voters in the US, however to political leaders, gaining of the black votes was very instrumental in their success. This is because they were viewed as inclusive individuals who did not discriminate other people (James, 2013). When a critical analysis of the voting pattern in the US, it has been observed that the political group that wins the support of the Black vote usually has higher popularity in the states that are mainly dominated by the Blacks. Different political leaders use different strategies to win the Black votes. For instance, candidates vying for elective positions usually use implicit strategic te... ... middle of paper ... ...effectively and efficiently so as to achieve their main objectives. This is because World War II was a very serious war that required well established strategies in order to end the war. In military terms, manpower mobilization is generally viewed in terms of the recruitment of the military. Due to World War II military recruitment was interrupted and it led to tremendous decline in the number of soldiers who were left in the war zones during the war. It was thus important to replace murdered or abducted military personnel so as to fight the opposition. Finally, in any war, manpower is essential and therefore, it was significant for the U.S Army to get additional manpower to help them fight during the Second World War. Works Cited James, R. (2013). The double V: How wars, protest, and Harry Truman desegregated America's military. New York: Bloomsbury Press.

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