Willy Wonka

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We are the makers of magic. We are the teller of tales.” Willy Wonka It can only be described as the feeling you get when you know you are dreaming. A dream you just can’t awaken from. I cannot bear the silence anymore. The time of the prophecies are nearly upon us and the need is great to share what I have. This world is about to die out and unless more of you can awaken, I feel the multiverse will suffer for it. “What are you talking about?” is what you are thinking. I know, for I am the keeper of the secret knowledge. Knowledge the ALL has past to me. I am its guardian. I have passed this knowledge down through my bloodline, however as of lately, over the last 1000 years, it has become too diluted and there are only few who are left with the gift. I have guided many to maintain the blood but too many were lost through your human endeavors. Through your wars, genocides, and through the gods of your world in their eternal petty conflicts. I have been called once again to serve the ALL and teach you to awaken yourselves. I have been lifted of some of the rules set down in my creation in the attempt to guide the flock further, faster. I must apologize, I should actually start our new relationship with an introduction. Well, at least of myself until our paths meet. I am known as Tanis. It has been convoluted throughout your history and striped as a title to represent a name but this is not the case. I am a carriers of the dragon breath and its speech. I am a walker between worlds. I am the continual student and teacher. I am cake of light eater and the wine drinker, I am Draco world weaver and the awakened sleeper. I am from the stars, I am the stars. I am a celestial child, a child of chaos. I have held many names and will obtain many more, as will you should you accept your path. I will tell you my story, were in you might find your answers to your questions. But be warned, the journey to the knowledge I share, is long and will test you resolve. I will tell you my tale, as seen through my eyes at that time and discuss with you what I have learned from these experiences, when appropriate.
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