Willy Russell's Educating Rita

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Willy Russell's Educating Rita In this essay I will explore how Willy Russel makes act 1 scene 1 of 'Educating Rita' good to watch on stage. To help me to do this I will look at: Cultural context and setting, for example, why was the play set in the North of England, and how does it help the play? I will also look at dramatic devices, such as the way Rita enters Franks study for the first time, and also the language used in the play, Rita is very outspoken and uses swear words were as Frank speaks proper English and does not use slang. I will also look at some themes in the play. 'Educating Rita' was written in 1985 and that was the time that the play was set in also. From reading act 1 scene 1, I can see some similarities of how life was in real life and how life was in the play. In the play, Rita's husband thinks that as a woman, Rita should have had some children by now. He thinks that women should cook, clean and have babies. I know this because Rita says 'I should have had a baby by now, every one expects it'. This was how many men thought of women in the time that the play was written, and that was what many women did do. In 1975 there was an 'equal opportunities act' bought out which enabled women to have the same opportunity as men for everything. The fact that Rita is going against what the majority of women were doing and using the act, could be Willy Russel showing women in real life that they too can get an education and not just cook, clean and have babies. Maybe he doesn't think what women were expected to live like was right so he was writing a play showing women they are not alone if they want an education and hoping it would give them a bit of courage to do something about it if they did want an education. There is a similarity between Rita and Willy Russel; Willy
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