Willy Loman's Death And Failure In Death Of A Salesman By Arthur Miller

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“The Jungle is dark but full of diamonds,willy”(Miller 134). Willy Loman is the main character in the novel Death Of A Salesman and Mr.Loman was the type of person that would always focus on the simple things. Instead of looking for new opportunities and for a better change everything went downhill for Mr.Loman. For that reason, Arthur Miller utilizes the title Death Of A Salesman not just to predict Willy Loman’s death and failure, but also how Mr.Loman’s dreams died alongside with him. Showing that one little mistake can make a big change in your life. Miller utilizes the title to show how Willy Loman’s failure caused insecurity and self doubt in himself. Willy Loman’s failure was something that he caused because he started all the…show more content…
Biff didn’t want to end up like his father laying in the ash waiting for a new beginning. But it would be hard for Mr.Loman to start again because it is hard to find new things since it is impossible for a new beginning. Jen Kim is from Sussex Publishers stating that “Dreams don’t just die on their own we kill them. thankfully we can also bring them back to life.” Mr.Loman killed his dreams by taking the wrong path in the story and also with his insecurity and self- doubt he had in himself. Willy Loman could of had a better life, but one little mistake ended up messing up his whole dreams. All in all, Arthur Miller utilized the power of the title Death Of A Salesman not just to envision Willy Loman’s death and failure. But also foretell how Mr.Loman was an insecure and self- doubted person, which had led him into making the inaccurate decisions and taking the wrong path in the story. For not taking the right path Mr.Loman's dreams were going down the drain along with him. Dreams don’t get crushed by themselves. We kill them for making the bad decisions in life and we just defeat ourselves instead of changing and living life
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