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Willie Nelson, most commonly known for his musical abilities, is one of the most influential country western artist to ever pick up a guitar. From the start of Nelson’s life he faced deep troubles, one major problem was both parents leaving him to be raised by his Grandparents. Nelson shows great talent due to his many problems in his personal life, one in which left him close to bankrupt and others putting him in jail. Despite all the obstacles, he was able to go and become one of the greatest artists alive.

Once rejected as a country music singer, he turned around to become one of the most influential songwriters to date. Willie Hugh Nelson was born on April, 30, 1933, in Abbott Texas. Raised in the midst of the Great Depression, music was one of the tools Nelson used to cope in his small town. Nelson lived with his grandparents after his parents abandoned him at an early age and was forced to work in the cotton fields.

Nelson was first introduced to music by his grandparents. Willie himself was said in an interview with Teresa Taylor Von-Frederick that they were his “true, and earlier, inspiration.” He gained his first guitar from his grandfather in which he received only one training session. This day marked the begin of the legacy, because at the age of 10 he sold his first song.

After his grandfather died it was up to Nelson to support his family. Still in the years of the Great Depression, he was forced to pick up oddball jobs until he got his first professional job in the John Raychek Band. Although his straight-laced grandmother disagreed with his working in beer joints, she couldn’t deny the fact that it was better money than cotton picking. He went in between different musical groups until his l...

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...roit Free Press that he always thought he would be long retired by the age of 50, but now 80 he continues to go strong. Even after going under surgery on his hands due to guitar related injuries he continues to tour yearly. Nelson is possibly one of those most known artists to ever pick up a guitar and one of the biggest help in many different fields including farming and animal rights. Almost everything he has done has been for the better good of others and not himself. Whether he continues to tour and do music until his death or retired this year, the Outlaw will always ride on.

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