William Wordsworth: Man, The Predator Of Nature

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Man, the Predator of Nature William Wordsworth saw how men were treating the planet 200 years ago when he wrote The World is too much with us and we still do not comprehend the outrageous significance of humans mistreating the planet. Men are too busy in the hustle of everyday life that do not realize the importance of taking care of our home, planet Earth. Earth will be the home of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and yet we do not stop mistreating our environment. Pollution is causing global warming, species are in danger of extinction and yet we made bullfight a sport. Indeed, human selfishness have led us to destroy what was given to us to preserve. Was the earth created to preserve humanity, or was man created…show more content…
Men have forgotten the importance of treating this planet as their only home there will ever be. We are not going to live forever, but consequences of our careless actions to preserve the planet will affect our generations to come. We have forgotten that blessings can go from generation to generation, but the misused of our capability to do good in this life will be passed to our descendants. Man has become a voracious destroyer of the natural source for their own lives, in their zeal to excel men ends up feeling somehow a little God. He thinks he is the creator, inventor, transformer, master of life, patron of the universe, forgetting that all things in nature are not made by chance, that each species has its place in the wheel of life, each has a role the man is one who destroys his own…show more content…
Killing plants without thinking that they are his coat, his food and medicine. Man does not have the slightest appreciation and consideration about the other living beings. Some people made their living by destroying and annihilating our environment. Man bombards the earth and all living things that come cross him with a destructive force. We could make a list of all things that man has destroyed or that had attempt to destroy in his time on earth and each generation has done the same, as if it were the last to come to exist. Such is the destructive urge of man alike trying to destroy his past, the historical past and the assets of mankind. Nowadays they are organization that are fighting to protect the environment and to stop the advance of civilization. The preserve of the environment should be a convergence of cultures, where all united fight to protect the planet. It is a shame but we are far from this to become a real fact. There are some many unconscious people that only consider the human life as the only worthy life to preserve; without thinking that life goes to all living organisms. We are just one among billions of species and life forms. To humans, it took millions of years to become the dominant specie. Man is risking their own survival if the accelerated destruction of the

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