William Somerset Maugham 's Themes Of Relationships And Life Patterns

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William Somerset Maugham By looking at Of Human Bondage, one can see that William Somerset Maugham included themes of relationships and life patterns because they played a major role in his life. He took his life experiences and put them into his books. This made him very successful, but he still seemed to have trouble finding his place in society. Both Maugham and his characters had personal struggles with family and themselves and that is what makes his books so good for all ages of readers to identify with. William Somerset Maugham was born January 25, 1874, in Paris. His father, Robert, was an English lawyer and solicitor to the British Embassy in Paris, and his mother, Edith, was a writer (thefamouspeople.com). Maugham was the fourth son of seven children, but only four survived birth. In 1892, when Maugham was eight, his mother gave birth to a stillborn and then died of tuberculosis six days later. Maugham was then left with his father, who he did not know very well (online-literature.com, Burt, Forrest D.). Two years later, his dad died of cancer and Maugham was orphaned then moved to England to live with his aunt and uncle. His Uncle Henry was emotionally cruel to Maugham and the unsympathetic treatment lead him to develop a stammer (thefamouspeople.com). The loss of his parents could not have helped matters. When Maugham was sent to King’s Canterbury, his humiliation was extended. Bullied by his classmates, Maugham left school at the age of sixteen then moved to Germany and enrolled at Heidelberg University to study literature, philosophy and German. When Maugham got his degree he moved to England and worked in an accountant 's office. He quit which infuriated his uncle who then persuaded him to go to medical school for t... ... middle of paper ... ...d a major role in their careers to help them build their creativity and be themselves. The two basically lived the same life until that point. The one major similarity between the two in their later life is they both got married to someone they never truly loved like they did someone else. They both had more than one love life that they wanted to work out very badly but things never seemed to go their way in their relationships. Of Human Bondage was made into a famous movie in 1934, starring Bette Davis. This was one of Maugham 's most well known work of all time and is still very well recognized today. Most of his work includes many experiences from his life that have molded him into the author he became but Of Human Bondage really shows it all. He had a very long career and his main goal was to find his place in society through these books, which he did very well.

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