William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

Within the play of Romeo and Juliet fate is very important and is

often mentioned. The events that lead up to the deaths of the couple

could either be seen as bad luck or a direct result of Romeo and

Juliet's own personalities and actions.

The prologue tells us the story in advance, allowing us to overview

the actions of the couple. We know from this prologue that Romeo and

Juliet are spoken of as 'star-crossed' and that fate is supposedly

against them. The prologue tells us that the deaths of the

'star-crossed lovers' is the only way to end their 'parents rage.' In

this essay I am going to discuss the references to fate within the

play and to what extent fate, Romeo and Juliet's own personalities and

actions and the actions and personalities of different people around

them are responsible for the lover's tragic end.

The first reference to fate is made even before the play really

begins, when the chorus tells us, 'from forth the fatal loins of these

two foes a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life' This

implication suggesting that even before the play has begun it is fate

driven, the chorus also tells us that 'lovers take their life' here

Shakespeare is telling us the ending before the beginning.

Romeo himself refers to fate when he is about to enter the Capulet's

party, (act 1, scene 4) he says; 'I dreamt a dream tonight' here Romeo

uses premonition. He is almost telling the reader that something bad

may happen and predicting his own death. Later in the scene Romeo

expresses a sense of doom for he 'fears too early….some consequences

yet hanging in the stars' shall bitterly lead...

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...age,' Unlike girls at this time Juliet is not playing

'hard to get,' not only does she allow Romeo to kiss her but she

encourages him to do so again by complementing him 'you kiss by the

book,' again proving that she knows exactly what she wants.

If Juliet was not like this then the play may not have taken the same

course it did….

Within this essay I have explained and discussed the many references

to fate and talked about to what extent Romeo, Juliet and other

characters in the play may be held responsible for the couple's tragic

end. I believe that I wasn't one or the other that cause death of the

pair but the lethal combination of everybody's personalities, actions

and fate itself. In the play each character made individual choices

and actions, resulting in the awful love tragedy which is Romeo and