William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

`Romeo and Juliet` is one of the best love stories of all time but

although Shakespeare wrote the play, the story wasn't original. It all

started hundreds of years before Shakespeare was born, in Italy when

myths and folktales travelled about two young lovers from enemy

families. After that, a poem was written called `The tragical history

of Romeus and Juliet` by Arthur Brooke in 1562. So although

Shakespeare's ideas weren't original, he has developed the basic ideas

so well that now the whole world are familiar with the deeply touching

love story of `Romeo and Juliet`.

I think people still find `Romeo and Juliet` fascinating today is

because the play is built up of a mixture of scenes. For example it

has romance in the form of Romeo and Juliet's relationship, fate which

occurs regularly throughout the play and violence mostly caused by

Tybalt. It contains an interest for all ages and different types of

people, despite people think it's outrageous to find true love and get

married at the age of thirteen! `Romeo and Juliet` is popular

worldwide with the famous saying "Romeo, Romeo, where art thou Romeo?"

The beautiful language throughout the play is unique which also

attracts an audience.

Beautiful language is exchanged between the two lovers and the

violence that could boil up and erupt at any moment adds tension to

Shakespeare's plot and maintains the audience's interest.

Firstly Romeo and Juliet's love is so unique due to the hasty speed of

their relationship. Within a few hours of meeting Romeo and Juliet are

declaring their undying love for each other and planning their


... middle of paper ...

...eo's dagger

and with happiness she picks it up. "O happy dagger." Then stabs

herself. I think that the Capulet and Montague households should learn

a lesson that feuds are stupid and when an argument or fight starts

somebody always gets hurt. In this case a lot of people have been


`Romeo and Juliet` has made a big impact on novelists, filmmakers,

composers etc. It has inspired many films due to the fact it's a love

story doomed to go wrong. It has inspired musicals such as `West Side

Story`. There are many more types of entertainment based on `Romeo and

Juliet` because it's not your typical love story with a happy ending.

And because `Romeo and Juliet` is such a popular play film writers,

producers etc. feel that if they include a story similar to `Romeo and

Juliet` then maybe theirs will be popular too.
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