William Shakespeare's Othello

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In William Shakespeare’s Othello, Emilia is placed in the middle of her husband’s evil and manipulative scheme to take down Othello and Cassio. The significant relationship Iago has with Emilia lacks affection, passion, and appreciation. Because of this, she has become a cynical woman that craves the attention of her husband. She is constantly underestimated and undermined by her husband, the man who should know and understand her best. Being with a husband that sees her as inferior, Emilia has many troubling thoughts in her head. Iago shows his idea of male superiority through manipulating Emilia by taking advantage of her submissive nature, insecurity, and loyalty.
The reader’s first impression of Emilia arises from her display of submissive behavior towards her husband. In the article by Lauren Makishima, she explains, “it becomes evident that many of Emilia’s actions are controlled by the deeply ingrained social conventions which dictate that…men must hold power over their female counterparts” (Makishima). No matter what her husband asks of her, Emilia quietly obeys. Without hes...

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