William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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William Shakespeare's Macbeth

Macbeth is a 15th century Drama what was written by the famous William

Shakespeare, this one-of-a-kind artist is famous today for his use of

imagery that he uses in a different way in all of his plays. In the 59

years that William Shakespeare lived he wrote almost 40 plays. Macbeth

is set around many different themes: Evil in the form of Lady Macbeth,

in which we begin to see pure deviousness. In Macbeth: the strong, but

cowardly warrior, we see such issues as guilt and conscience come to

life and eat Macbeth alive. With this Guilt that Macbeth holds on his

shoulders, it leads to one of the most crucial scenes of the play.

At the beginning of Act 1 Scene 5 lady Macbeth is reading the letter

that Macbeth has sent her, about the prophecies brought to him by the

three witches. The predictions that the witches have gave him, and

these are that Macbeth will be "Thane of Glamis", this Macbeth knows

he is. But when the three witches tell him that he will become "Thane

of Cawdor" and "King of Scotland", these predictions surprise Lady

Macbeth as well as Macbeth, as he knows when the prediction is made

the Thane aswell as the King are still alive. By the time the Letter

has been read by Lady Macbeth the thane of Cawdor has been executed on

accounts of high treason, and Macbeth is announced the new Thane as he

fought well at battle. So this is the second prediction that has come

true and she begins to think while reading about the third prediction

"King of Scotland."

Lady Macbeth's reaction to the letter is that something has to be

done, and she knows that the only way for Macbeth to become King is

for the ...

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of the scene we can se a big difference as we can tell how adamant and

persistent he is on killing his friend and ruler.

The three witches set the start of the play if they hadn't of made the

3 prophecies for Macbeth, the witches only stated fact and lady

Macbeth helped to persuade him if she hadn't of persuaded him there

would have been no chance of King Duncan being murdered. Macbeth

require only a little bit persuasion as he is a born warrior, so

killing is one of his talents, as this is how he become the Thane of

Cawdor by being a strong warrior. So we know he was ready and could

kill, but all it was is that he didn't have a sufficient purpose to

kill him, maybe if the king had been more malicious towards him but

the kind so compassionate towards him, he kin of felt that King Duncan

was a fatherly figure.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how he uses imagery in different ways in all of his plays.
  • Opines that macbeth is not heir to the old king.
  • Narrates how as she is thinking duncan has to die, she gets the word that duncan is dead.
  • Explains that she knows that if she shows him how much she wants him to be, he will be happy.
  • Opines that they don't want to be a woman and to fill her with cruelty.
  • Opines that the king is the one who tells her husband what needs to be done and when.
  • Analyzes how she changes what she thinks is for the good of the man.
  • Opines that the man wants to be filled with women and not be a woman.
  • Analyzes how she discusses duncan's fate and tells him to leave it to duncan.
  • Narrates how duncan is happy to be in the company of duncan when he arrives at the castle.
  • Analyzes how it takes him a while to persuade him that he realises the fact.
  • Opines that he isn't big enough to fill the role.
  • Opines that she would do for him, and even goes as far as to say that.
  • Explains that she has persuaded him to commit the act of sin by line.
  • Analyzes how the boys are plotting at this part of the scene.
  • Analyzes how at the end of the scene, he is adamant about destroying them.
  • Opines that the three witches would have set the start of the play if they hadn't made it.
  • Explains that killing is one of his talents, as this is how he became the thane of the universe.
  • Analyzes how she helps him plan how it's going to happen down to the very last detail. in this scene we se a lot of imagery with
  • Analyzes how the scene shows how adamant he is about his wife.
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