William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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William Shakespeare's Macbeth

The main character is not introduced into the play until the third

scene, but before hand the witches mention Macbeth in one of their

speeches in scene 1 act 1. This makes the reader become intrigued as

they want to know more about Macbeth and who he is

Macbeth is shown as a brave, noble warrior defending his country

against its enemies, although when he meets the witches his true

feelings are told. His feeling is AMBITION

His greed and ambition grows when the witches tell him he will soon be

king so he does off and kills Duncan and Banguo. He is weak easily

influenced but left to himself; he would not have killed Duncan. His

wife greatly influenced him to kill as her ideas are horrific

In the movie 'Macbeth on the Estate' the war at the beginning of the

play is represented as a gang breaking into flats and beating people


Macbeth enters the flats first which shows he is a leader. The beats

in the music show speed of movement. Instead of swords and armour, we

have pipes, hatchets and pepper spray.

As they fight, Macbeth smashes the TV screen which has the National

Lottery Draw being made shown on it. This represents 'chance'.

Duncan is shown smoking in a bar and looks like a fat lazy slob who

doesn't have a care in the world about anything, which is extremely

weird for a 'King' as you were expecting a posh, well dressed person

in a beautiful, luxurious house with servants.

It shows a close up of Duncan's hand and he has a ring on his finger

(which he later gives to Macbeth for bringing victory upon his gang)

and the word 'love' is tattooed on his hand.

The first sighting of the three witches is seen as they smash a car

window, then later in the film we see them again shouting Macbeth's

name as he is walking through flats. He is once again first to enter

flats in search of the witches and is last to leave after seeing them
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