William Shakespeare's Macbeth

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William Shakespeare's Macbeth

Macbeth was written by William Shakespeare, it was one of his most

famous plays, for its great storyline and strong characters. One of

the characters, Lady Macbeth has a great significance to Macbeth's

downfall. To understand more about how the witches and Lady Macbeth

have this great effect on Macbeth, we must understand the historical

and social context. At the time when Macbeth was written, in 1605,

James I was the king of Scotland and England. James was a protestant,

and many Roman Catholics did not agree on this they wanted a Catholic

ruler, many tried to plot against him, including Guy Fawkes. James

liked drama and especially enjoyed Shakespeare's plays. So this was a

way for Shakespeare to please James I. Shakespeare was also popular

with his audience. In the C17th, people were great believers in

supernatural beliefs, including witchcraft. It did not take a lot for

people to believe that witches were real. So that the witches could

have an evil influence on Macbeth was a believable concept to

audiences of the time. The women in C17th kept a low profile, their

only status was through their husband. If their husband was rich then

they would be also.

The story of Macbeth is about a man's downfall due to bad influences

and his ambitions and growing ego. The story is about three witches

who prophesy that Macbeth will become Thane of Cawdor, thane of Glamis

and King of Scotland. After telling Macbeth of this Macbeth becomes

eager and ambitious to become king. His over-ambitious wife influences

Macbeth to kill King Duncan so that he will become king. From then he

kills his best friend Banquo and his...

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...And because they are the evil equivocators they

are seen as even more evil and betraying, letting Macbeth fall into

their spell. Lady Macbeth is important as she is the wife of Macbeth,

and because they have a loving relationship she is even more

influential on Macbeth. The relationship between Macbeth is very close

and tight and this helps Lady Macbeth to control what Macbeth does.

After Lady Macbeth has influenced Macbeth to kill Duncan, we see that

this leads to the number of disastrous and unnecessary chain of

events. All the women lead to the downfall of Macbeth because Macbeth

is so gullible and weak, whereas the other women seem a lot stronger

than he is. So in conclusion Lady Macbeth and the witches are the main

reason for Macbeth's downfall, because of the way they twist the truth

or try and blackmail Macbeth.
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