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William Shakespeare English dramatist and author, probably is the most widely read writer in the English language. Shakespeare was born in Stratford, England .The third of eight kids, Shakespeare was very talented. He went to school for grammar, however he dropped out at age 16. 1585 to 1593 Shakespeare wasn’t really known of to the people .Shakespeare didn’t start getting big until 1593.Although Shakespeare struggled to be successful, he is one of the greatest play writers in history because he was known all around London in his mere 20’s never gave up when things looked bleak, and to this day keeps people entertained an wanting more.
To start off William Shakespeare became famous in the 17th century. Shakespeare was attending Stratford grammar school. He also learned some Latin when he attended a term in the king’s new school located in Stratford. In this school the hours are long from six in the morning all the way into five in the afternoon .Even with all Shakespeare’s knowledge of writing and literature he never attended university in his life. When Shakespeare started writing he was around the age 28 in 1592 but just because he started writing doesn’t mean he was known of by the people just yet.”Some might say in 1594 Shakespeare hit a turning point in his career “(Bender 19).Shakespeare is famous for his poems and play wrights. Shakespeare had always been a good writer even when he was a child. Shakespeare is one of the best writers in English literature. His poems and plays are still used and read all over. Admired by most disliked by few. No one has been able to do what Shakespeare has done in his writing .Although famous four centuries ago; Shakespeare’s work is still thriving in the everyday world.
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...’s still famous to this day and he wrote many plays all at an extremely young age that’s why William Shakespeare is one of the most extraordinary writers in English literature.

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