William Shakespeare Life Essay

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William Shakespeare’s Life
William Shakespeare was a well thought of person who wrote many plays during his time that most people still know today. William accomplished the shaping of performing art community with his own plays. His worked achieved popularity even till this day. Also, in his life he had done many interesting things like writing a play for the Queen Elizabeth. William Shakespeare accomplished many things in his life, has many proud achievements and had a very interesting life thus, becoming one of the most famous writers known today. However, many people don’t realize he lived an ordinary life like any man of his time. To his early years of learning the basics, to getting married and having kid and to his great legacy in today’s English language.
Although, William Shakespeare's life was not fully documented, there are some things mysterious about him. Besides that, it is unknown how his life started. His dad, John Shakespeare, was a local citizen who served as a bailiff. His mother was Mary Arden Shakespeare. When was William born? Actually, no one knows the exact date of when he was born. One document states that William was baptized on April 26 in 1564. Another document said he was born on April 23 in 1564. No one knows for sure his actual date of birth. He was baptized in the parish church, Holy Trinity located in Stratford. Biographers thought of William as uneducated and un-wealthy, but a few years later he enrolled in an expensive education. He was enrolled in a grammar school at King's New School. It is a mystery about how many years of education William had. The church's recorded documents only stated facts about his first 28 years. The rest of his years, on how he got to become a famous author and his c...

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...sides begin recognized for his works, William Shakespeare is also remembered as the most remarkable storyteller that the world has ever known. Shakespeare's stories transcend time and culture. Modern storytellers continue to adapt Shakespeare’s tales to suit our modern world, whether it is the tale of Lear on a farm in Iowa, Romeo and Juliet on the mean streets of New York City, or Macbeth in feudal Japan.
In conclusion, William Shakespeare was an amazing write and actor. If he had never published his plays he would have never impacted the English world like he did. His plays today have become movies and other major projects. Not only was he a man with a big career, he also lived ordinary. He had a wife and kids, no different from men of his time yet people do not realize that. Furthermore, his works are still read after four centuries, and hopefully more to come.
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