William Shakespeare Influences

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William Shakespeare’s work was inspired by Geoffrey Chaucer, where many of his poems were the onset for some of his great plays, Plutarch, where he used his famous work, Parallel Lives, as a source, and many other writers. Although Shakespeare struggled to get an education during his childhood, he has written many plays, poems, and stories that are still being read and taught throughout English Literature today.
When Shakespeare was seven, he went to a local grammar school in Stratford. The school’s educational program expressed classical education of Grammar, rhetoric, Latin, Roman comedy, and Greek mythology. Latin was taught in school due to the fact that it was Europe’s international language. One method of learning Latin was memorizing long passages of prose and poetry. “However, Shakespeare was very innovative, adapting the traditional style to his own purposes and creating a freer flow of words.” (“William Shakespeare.” Biography). “He was an opportunistic reader, who gathered quickly what needed.” (Ackroyd 54). When Shakespeare was at the age of fourteen, his father lost approval and he had to withdraw from school, but “at [his] early age, he may have possessed an instinctive grasp of structure and of narrative.” (Ackroyd 54). “Stratfordians, as they are known, believe that this William Shakespeare is the same man who wrote what would become known as the greatest body of literary works in the history of the English language. (Farouky). Not much information was recorded from Shakespeare’s education, but there was much doubt to whether or not Shakespeare did even go to school. (“William Shakespeare.” Biography). Some people debated over Shakespeare’s works saying that he was not the one who wrote all those sonnets and play...

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...’s play, The Canterbury Tales, and Chaucer’s iambic pentameter, Shakespeare was able to produce various plays and poems that have become very famous worldwide and taught throughout English literature; As well as Plutarch, also, with his famous work, Parallel Lives and his interesting plot ideas, Shakespeare was able to succeed in writing his plays for many people to enjoy. At young, Shakespeare endeavored to gain knowledge and has used those who he found interesting as his inspiration to help himself in creating the ideas for his plays and poetry. Even though some people may have doubted his work and his existence, he has worked hard to help himself get where he wanted and overcame the obstacles he had to get through in his life in order to produce beautiful poetry and fascinating plays for everyone all over the world to enjoy and understand for many more centuries.
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