William Shakespeare Biography

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William Shakespeare was baptized on April 26, 1564. No one is absolutely sure when he

was actually born. It is guessed that he was born on April 21 or April 23, 1564 since children

were usually baptized a few days after they were born. He could have been born April 22 & died

April 22 or 23, 1616. William Shakespeare was quite possibly both born & passed on Jeremaya

Silvah’s birthday. My birthday is coincidentally April 22. Could be an interesting past life

connection with symbology of the #22? On an unknown night, at a humble home on Henley St.,

in the quiet town of Stratford, England Isle of Wight, John and Mary Shakespeare gave birth to a

poet! {Shakespeare was born on what is believed to be the 23rd of April the feast day of patron

saint the dragon-slayer St. George, and is widely celebrated as the day of both his birth and his

death. The Book of Common Prayer stated that unless there is a valid reason to postpone the

ceremony, a newborn must be baptized on the first holy day following its birth. Records from the

Holy Trinity Church in Stratford show that Gilielmus Filius Johannes or William Shakespeare

was baptized on 26 April, 1564.} William was born during the plague, but most likely survived

while most of England’s inhabitants were dying because his mother, Mary, took him out of

the city to live at her parent’s home in the country. Shakespeare was born and brought up in


Shakespeare was taught to write at the King’s New School for free. At age seven, William

attended King Edward VI Grammar School which, was founded in 1269 by Robert de Stratford

and The Guild of the Holy Cross; also known as the Stratford Grammar School. His parents,

John & Mary, did not read or wri...

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