William Paley's Telleological View On The Existence Of God

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In this essay, I will outline William Paley’s argument of teleological view on the existence of God, and show that while his analogy of the watchmaker is possible, it is not plausible. The teleological argument is the argument from design; that because the universe has a purpose in its order, there is rational evidence for trusting in the existence of a God. The universe and all biological organisms that inhibit it is so complex that the only explanation, Paley infers, is there is an even more complex, intelligent designer that created it. Paley argues that everything has been designed to fulfill some function and the regularity and behaviour of the universe is due to the creator that intended it to function in that specific manner. He uses an analogy of a watchmaker to deepen the understanding of the intelligent designer. Paley says, imagine one day you are walking and come across a stone. One would immediately assume the stone had been in that position for the entirety of its existence (Paley, p. 116). Then, suppose a watch was found on the ground in the same manner as the stone;...

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