William Goldman

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William Goldman

Time comes and goes. We see it as it is and as it has been. To the eyes of William Goldman, time is the spirit and soul. His literature has been all time suspense. I had the privilege of becoming one of his followers in literature. The Marathon Man and Brothers, are two of his best works. At the end of this literature exploration I learned a little more about life. The Marathon Man had a strong meaning; suspense, drama, and action were three of the elements that made this book a best seller. Not falling far behind another of his works, “Brothers”, is an inspirational story that will break your heart. It’s an interesting page-turner that will teach you a little about life.

I will also disclose some of the literary form of each of the books. Brothers, and Marathon Man, each consisted mostly of irony and unexpected situations. Suspense was the key on every page. Something different was always happening; knowing what was going to come next was unexpected. When reading you would anticipate what was going to happen but would find htat the opposite was the outcome. The author, William Goldman, had a way of (something) your brain and convincing you that on the next page you would read what you thought had been foreshadowed.. To your surprise another problem would occur. The next page wasn’t the solution but part of it. The meaning of his books was more than a simple one, it was a small part of William Goldman’s life.

Goldman’s life was very interesting. He was 29 when his first son died at the age of three. Goldman was not a man of power and he never held a place in high society. His father was the owner of a small farm in a small town in Ohio. He was a farmer boy without any education when he started to read his first book, A Small World. There is not much information about William Goldman, but the little information there is, is very specific. Goldman’s son, James Goldman, wrote a little about his father and his life in the book, A Small Memorial.

Other novels by William Goldman are, The Temple of Gold, Your Turn to Curtsy, My Turn to Bow, Soldier in the Rain, Boys and Girls Together, No Way to Treat a Lady, The Thing of it is…, Father’s Day, and The Princess Bride.
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