William Golding's Lord of the Flies

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People are born with certain genes that either make them good or bad; the question is which genes do you have? In Lord of the Flies by William Golding these kids start to thrive on their bad genes because their surroundings are playing a part of how they act. When the boys started to hunt they would like to kill pigs for fun. At one point they thought of it like a sport. Jack one the characters in the book would make fun of piggy for being fat and wearing glasses. This is due because jack has certain genes that already make him not like piggy. Humans are born with genes that determine how they act and what they do. Humans are born with good or evil; There surroundings allow good or evil to thrive.

A persons evil genes prosper with the given environment. Jack said “You would, would you? Fatty!”(71). This shows that his genes are bad and he doesn't like people different from him the environment the environment plays a part in how he acts because with no grownups or anyone to watch him his evil genes can tell him how to act. In Phillip Zambardo: The Violence Within Us the experiment was if people could humiliate someone without a uniform and they couldn't but once they were given a sergeant uniform they did.
The point is people can't do specific tasks without uniforms because there uniforms help them do the task. Analysis: Jack could only a kill a pig when he had his mask on. This is showing that Phillip Zambardo was right.
In the balloon activity pop or don't be popped. This experiment was conducted outside in a confined space.The point is when someone is in a specific environment it changes the person and makes them thrive on there evil genes. When jack puts on the mask he can kill, the mask is what is making him kill. Jacks evi...

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... thrive on your bad or evil genes. Your genes are what make a good or evil person and the environment either make you even more evil or good. Your environment is what makes a person bad or good its determined in what kind of surrounding a person is in. This is because your environment is how you act. Without grownups there would be mayhem everywhere in the book Lord of the Flies by: William Gordon in the island grownups are what keep kids in order and their environment in order. The surroundings is what triggers a person's evil or good genes. This is what makes your evil genes even worse or good genes even better. So the environment plays a big part of how a person acts.
Your genes are how you act in real life. Your environment is what amplifies the persons evil or good genes. Your genes are who you are and that will never change because you can't change your genes.
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