William Faulkner's Speech Analysis

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William Cuthbert Faulker was a writer that lived through the first half of the 20th century. He wrote many different kinds of things in his life, from short stories, to novels, to poems, and screenplays. He however is most famous for his novels and stories that take place in a fictional county which is based on the one where he grew up. Faulkner was awarded the 1949 Nobel Peace Prize for Literature due to some of his writings. The reason for this was, as quoted by the board that gives out the award. “...his powerful and artistically unique contribution to the modern American novel.” (Nobel Prize). When he received the award at the banquet he gave an acceptance speech as any other person would. Faulker speech is thought of by most to…show more content…
In this work there is no appeal to anyone just yet, other then to the audience. He merely comments on the fact that he does not see tis award as a prize for himself, but a price for his writing. It is a humbling appeal to the audience and one which could lend what else he says later a lot of credibility. A humbled man is much easier to understand and listen to then a piety one that sees himself higher then everyone else. A man of that branding feels more like a know it all the someone who speaks with sincerity in his voice. With that said, a person could also see this as a logical point, how he would not have gotten this award at all had he not worked so hard on his writing to get it. The second paragraph of William Faulker 's speech requires some context to relies the magnitude of his words and truly determine what he was trying to convey to the crowd at the wards presentation. Faulker was presented his prize just as the United States and the Soviet Union were engaging in their Cold War Arm Race. Each nation was building up their weapon reserves of Nuclear boms and long range missiles ready to blow each other off the map with a single attack. With this in mind the population began to think…show more content…
I find it to be a nice little wrap up to his speech as a whole. Faulker 's speech was actually pretty moving and I liked listening to the recording of him actually talking through his speech. It was a very well crafted work and commentary of the time that he was a live. I do not completely agree with all of his points but he crafted his argument well and spread out his three forms of persuasion well through out the work and I am very glad to have read

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