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William Blake is remembered by his poetry, engravements, printmaking, and paintings. He was born in Soho, London, Great Britain on November 28, 1757. William was the third of seven siblings, which two of them died from infancy. As a kid he didn’t attend school, instead he was homeschooled by his mother. His mother thought him to read and write. As a little boy he was always different. Most kids of his age were going to school, hanging out with friends, or just simply playing. While William was getting visions of unusual things. At the age of four he had a vision of god and when he was nine he had another vision of angles on trees.
Williams’s parents were very supportive of his abilities and of whatever he would do. His parents enrolled him at a Paris drawing school at the age of ten. After finishing his school he was apprenticed to a master engraver at the age of fourteen. He was then sent to Westminster Abbey because they saw his abilities and talent. He was sent to Abbey to make drawings of monuments by James Basire. Abbey introduced William to the Gothic style of writing and this made his work unique. When he finished his apprenticeship he became a professional engraver. When he as twenty-one he engraved illustrations for Don Quixote.
One day he was walking around and a riot broke out in London. It was incited by the anti-Catholic preaching of Lord George Gordon. That event took place on June in the year of 1780. That occurrence inspired him to do works like “Europe’ and “America,” and it also motivated him to write about his Protestants to war and the domination of kings in his poetry. He continued his studies and went to the Royal Academy on October 8, 1779.
One day he helped a women named Catherine Boucher read, writ...

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...s so he could read classical works. Some of his greatest accomplishments were Songs of Innocence, Book of Thel, Gates of Paradise, and Songs of experience.
I think that William Blake is an important person because his poetry worked to help people find a way to express themselves about how they feel about war. His poetry also helped people see how the kings dominated the people. This world is different because William Blake lived because he made up two new movements like the “Romantic movement” and the “Pre-Romantic movement.” Knowing about William is helpful in my life because he taught me that determination and want will take you far. He also taught me that you don’t have to change the way you do things in order for people to like it as long as you like it yourself. In my point of view William was one of the best poets of his time with not that much recognition.
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