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Successful, not only in poetic writing, William Blake was a true all-around artist at heart. Blake’s parents realized his skills at an early age. Certain occurrences in his life gave him inspiration for his art. Also, many events fueled his creativeness in his poems. Furthermore Blake’s career conveyed that he was a pure artist in whatever he did. William Blake married a supportive spouse. William Blake was a great artist and poet, sculpted from many obstacles and unexpected events.
William Blake was born on November 28, 1757 in London, England. James Blake, his father, was hosier. But his mother, Catherine Wright Armitage, had been married twice already before marrying his father. William was the second oldest of four children. Right around the time William was born the Blakes had a hosier shop. During his childhood William had visions. For example, he recalls that at the age of 4 he saw Ezekiel under a tree. Also at the age of 9 he claimed to have seen a tree filled with angels. Therefore visions influenced his artwork and writing later on in his life.
William’s artistic ability was noticed at an early. Up until he was about 10 years age, Blake was home schooled. Later he was enrolled in Henry Pars’s drawing school. While attending William learned many new skills. Such as sketches of human figures to plaster casts of ancient statues. Later on, his master apprenticed him to an engraver by the name of James Basire. Basire was an engraver to the Society of Antiquaries and also the Royal Society.
Frequently, Basire would send William off on different trips to complete different works of art and also writing for different people. It is difficult to know which of the works produced in Basire’s shop during this period Blake hi...

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...amily name died too.
Five years later, without a doubt, the most tragic event in William Blake’s life. His brother, Robert Blake, died from tuberculosis. William was alerted by a family friend that his brother had taken a turn for the worse. He sat by his side until his brother’s last breath. Simultaneously, he said to have seen his brother spirit rise through the ceiling as it went to heaven. Soon after, Robert came to William in a dream where he showed him a new method of printing. This was called illuminated writing; this allowed his to take control of every detail when creating and copying his works.
Finally, on August 12, 1827 William Blake past away in London, England. He was 70 years old. There did not seem to be a cause of death. In short he died from old age. Blake lived a long and fruitful life. His poetry, art, and criticism impacted the world heavily.
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