William Blake

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William Blake was born on November 28, 1757. He was born in London(A,288). His father was James Blake, who had a shop near London for which he sold gloves and stockings. His father and mother, Catherine, had seven children, and sadly, two of them did not live. Blake had the power to see visions(a,288). His mom once beat him for running in and claiming that he saw an Ezekiel under a tree outside. One time he said he saw a tree of angels. When Blake was four, he told his mom God put his head against the window. All his life he was haunted by images of humans in dark, small places. These which showed up in almost all of his designs. Blake had a direct experience of prisons during this time (a,288). During Gordon Riots in 1788, he went in the front with the mob and he has saw the storming of the new gate jail and the escape of 300 prisoners. He also saw this more than just one time during his lifetime. Blake really enjoyed his power of being able to see visions. This indicates that he could see things in his head that no one else could ever see(a,289). They would be so real that anyone ...
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