Wilderness and Pioneer Civilization

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Civilization is often seen under a positive light and associated with progress, order, and morality ;however, there are many negative aspects to civilization as well, especially seen thorough the eyes of a female settler. In Susanna Moodie's memoir, Roughing it in the Bush, symbols, diction, and figurative language are used to paint a picture of the perceived wilderness and this in turn shows her views on civilization and address the Victorian, European settler perception of nature as a double edged sword. Her descriptions and use of characters as symbols give the readers a window into the life of a female settler and her experiences of wilderness, civilization, and culture shock.

In Moodie's Roughing it in the Bush, her representations of the characters gave readers insight on what each person represented as well as her impression of them. Brian is shown as both a representation of nature and how the wilderness can taint civilization. Brian encapsulates the essence of Victorian views of nature. On one hand, he is kind and benevolent, often bringing Susanna the gift of milk, but on...
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