Wild Swans Analysis

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Wild Swans is an interesting narrative of three generations of Chinese women, dating from present time back to 1909. This book not only gives personal experiences by biography and autobiography, but it also uses this to give insight of the culture of china in this time. Her perspective gives light to the changes China went through during these three generations, and the impact it had on these women and their families. It is interesting because it gives a different opinion and perspective than a textbook would. After reading this book, or collection of biographies and autobiography, it is clear that Jung Chang’s thesis that she tried to portray through all chapters of the book, no matter which perspective, is that the women in China possessed great strength and determination to serve as the rocks for their families during Chinas turbulent past.
In order to analyze the meaning of a text, it is important to first analyze the author, to determine their view on the subject and their credibility. If one is informed of the author’s perspective and intentions, it is easier to understand and interpret the text. The author of this story is Jung Chang. Jung Chang was born in China to two communist officials. Her father held an important ranking in the communist party. She chose to join the party at the age of 14 as a “Red Guard,” but soon viewed their doings as too violent so she left the position. During the Cultural Revolution, her life turned around, as her parents were now targets because they opposed Mao Zedong’s policies. Her parents were eventually imprisoned, which resulted in their deaths. Her respect turned hate for Mao is what drove her with passion, and what probably led her to write this book. Chang definitely has the authority ...

... middle of paper ... own thoughts and actions, and how she has more control over her life than say, her grandmother did. I think Chang picked the perfect way to show the change of women status throughout Chinese history by writing about her grandmother and mother. Throughout all three generations, it makes it more clear about the changes that took place during this time. In my opinion, Womens rights is very important, and should be considered as important as other human rights issues. Women have lived alongside men throughout all of history, and deserve power in their lives and the world around them. It is not right to let gender get in the way of equality, because in the end, they are all citizens of China and deserve their own rights. Throughout the book, Chang passionately argues the importance of womens rights, and how women have been changed and influenced by history in China.
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