Wild Child

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The movie 'Wild Child'; is a movie based on a child left behind in the woods by his own parents in 1798. Attempted to kill the infant, but some how survived. And lived on his own from 4 or so to around 12. Then he was found by local resident who lived where the "wild child" survived at. And then taken in a 'National instuted deaf care.'; This delinquent relates to the phrase 'nature vs. nurture.'; The "Wild child" was taken in mistaken as a deaf child. Who also couldn't talk. Commutates is his own form of language. He has a unknown behavior of his own. They came to the recollotion that he was abnormal from the other patients. The nurses had a hard time because he was behaving in a difficult behavior by not sleeping/staying in his own bed. Instead he crawled down below his bed and slept through the night. The other kids picked on him by group up and stomp on him. Which is sorta like you see in gang movies. Other example, he refuse to dress in the proper attire of there time period. The doctors from the institute brought him in physician for a examation. They discovered he was been abuse physically. With cuts and bruise covering all around his body. They found a scare and made a assumption it was given by his former nurturer. The scare was intended to kill the child. But some how, what other might classify in 'act of god'; and survived and live on his own way of surviving for a long period of ti...
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