Wife of Bath

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In the Wife of Bath, Alison is viewed as a cynical women, whom the church views as wicked. If we look deeper into her tale, she opens herself up and I believe that she wants to be viewed as a woman who chases what could truly make her happy. The Wife of Bath does not realize how her words and actions show her to be spiteful woman. My central claim is that the Wife of Bath shows herself as a demanding and awful wife, but she is trying to fight for her place in society, as well as her own happiness. In the time of the Canterbury Tales, men were the authoritative force and women were to be obedient to their husbands. I believe that Alison, the Wife of Bath, is trying to fight for her place, as she is not happy being an obedient and faithful wife. Alison is trying to rebel against society, the common view of marriage, and the church.
In the prologue, the Wife of Bath shows herself as an authority in marriage, as she has been married five times. She attempts to prove herself to be experienced by using quotes from Scripture, such as her quote about Jesus only going to one wedding at Cana...
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