Widgetmaker Case Summary

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To: The WidgetMaker ‘s Executives Team
From: The Human Resources Manager
Regarding: Staffing Strategy This memo is submitted to recommend staffing strategies for the large company; in addition to the small company; recently, acquired. The business objectives; as well, as the staffing strategies are very different for the two companies, but HR department will maintain the purposes of both firms and assure that staffing strategies are promote, effectively. Pfeffer (1994) stated, companies with the highest total return to shareholders (stock appreciation plus dividend yield) and discovered that they differ from other companies on the way they managed people, with some specific distinctions in selection, training, labor relations, or
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The HR manager might provide a document that indicted skills that will become outdated, needed training, new hire expectation and new positions that need to be added. Prepare a report of current employee qualified for promotion. Develop a succession plan, so employees will be trained and prepared to move into new roles. Make available p a recruitment plan; in addition to a flexible staffing program that includes contract or freelance workers as well as temporary…show more content…
recruitment program
The HR manager can assist with the staffing strategies to help a large established company to meet their expected goals by remaining current in the industry trends, maintaining an effective hiring plans, understand the employment needs, managed retention methods, and be aware of the companies training and development needs. As the staffing strategies relates a small company excepted goals it is essential to the industry trends, job development, mentor position, accurate skills assessment, maintain stakeholder relationship, budget management, identify employees development needs and adhere to legal compliance, etc. It is important the HR manager to encourage the combined firms to remain advanced in the industry trends, an effective staffing strategy plan, legal compliances, high-quality marketing plans, employees skills development, cross training program between companies, develop a succession plan and a recruitment plan; in addition to a flexible staffing program that includes contract or freelance workers as well as temporary employees. In my opinion, the important components to keep for newly combined firms are legal compliances plan, high-quality marketing plans and the employee’s skills development
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