Why we should be Careful with our Internet Identity

Why We Should Be Careful With Our Internet Identity
The Internet as a whole has changed the way the world works, in turn changing the way security works. With the Internet, world communications is at most of America’s finger tips. These security changes directly affect most of America. The main area I wish to look at is social media, the mainstream center of America. Social Media is currently so common that some children ask for social media accounts for Christmas! Facebook having grown to over 1 billion users early this year, twitter growing to 218 million, and even newer sites like Pinterest reaching 70 million users in mid-2013. This is clearly a popular trend that is not going away. With so many users these social media sites will quickly become attack vectors for black hat hackers, if they haven’t become vectors already.
According to an article from HR Focus, with social media sites, the risk of attack increases with the total number of users that site receives. Social media has risen to be the greatest threats against protecting proprietary and confidential information. (HR Focus) Social media sites have grown to allow custom applications to be built and run within the site itself. This is especially true with sites like Facebook, hosting many games built by other users. These games usually access your personal information to give you profiles, which keep track of your stats or village or whatever the game is geared for. But what if someone made an application for the sole purpose of taking your information? Users don’t think about such things happening on Facebook. There is an assumed trust on Facebook that they will not take your information, which is why social media is such a huge attack vector for black hat hackers.

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..., remains on the Internet for the world to see. We cannot think it’s a distant place in which we can do whatever we want without any real world consequences. Employers almost always check social media sites of potential employees. Law enforcement using social media to confirm or deny certain accusations. Black hat hackers are pushing ever farther to exploit social media and any other online system to get ahold of your information, your identity, and exploit it. We as a world-wide community must together be conscious of what we place and do on the Internet, as it may one day come back to bite us.

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