Why was John Glenn Famous

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My Historical figure name is John Glenn. He was born in Ohio on July 18 1921 and Is now still living at an Ohio teaching part time at Ohio state. John Glenn is a big part of history and these are some of the things he did to get there.(1.)

John Glenn attends New Concord High School. He complete all of his grades according to John Glenn teachers, he was a great student they said he always got his work done and the only thing he evered talked about was going to space and becoming an astronaut.(2.)

John attended Muskingum University college. He got a bachelor of science degree in engineering this got him even closer of becoming an astronaut. He loved his college, he said if he could of gone back, he would.(2.)

John Glenn attended test pilot school and then joined the naval Air test centers. This is what started John’s flying career. John was a great flyer, he was the best flyer out of all of the people at Air test centers.(2.)

John was always a brave and curious person that Is what mainly got him to where he is now. I think if he was never brave or curious, he probably wouldn't become an astronaut. If he never became an astronaut our history will be so messed up. Im glad John Glenn decided to become an astronaut because of him i've had a different perspective of space and science.

One thing John Glenn always said was “There are times when you devote yourself to a higher cause than personal safety”

John Glenn was the first astronaut to orbit earth. Four decades later, as the worlds oldest astronaut, his courage riveted a our nation.

I don't think anyone is braver than John, because I think that going into space is something I would never do, I'm not brave enough, I can't go into a rocket and leave earth that's ...

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...three times in one day if you don't think that's brave then you're crazy because that is the bravest and craziest thing I have heard someone do and i give John Glenn all my respect for doing that and i thank John Glenn for orbiting earth with no problems. So remember John Glenn as the one who made and succeeded

This is why John Glenn was famous.Always remember him as the man who orbit earth 3 times in one day. Never forget he was one of the brave one’s to do something for our country and this is why John Glenn is my idol.


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