Why societies fall

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A man once said back in the day “To solve our most difficult problems we must radically change our thinking.”(Stephen Covey) They fall because of many different reasons and problems. Some of these reasons are because they have bad leaders, they are living in poverty, and they are involved in too many wars.No society is perfect forever. Eventually something will happen and then all of these other problems will happen. Even if societies seem like everything is perfect they all have problems. Great societies fall because of wars, poverty, and bad leaders.
Societies fall because of bad leaders. An example of bad leaders is in Rome. Rome had leaders that only cared about themselves and no one else. An example of a leader that was bad is Caligula. He was the worst leader rome probably had. He would break the rules and commit awful/ terrible crimes. “He has been accused of the most awesomely disgusting, insane, luridly depraved crimes against humanity and morality” (http://listverse.com/2010/05/09/top-10-worst-roman-emperors/) He only ruled for 5 years because of how bad of a leader he was. “he was murdered after just five years in power.” (http://www.pbs.org/empires/romans/empire/caligula.html ). Another example is hilter in germany. He was a bad leader. He wanted to make his society “perfect”. To make it perfect he thought that he had to start to kill people. “He was convinced that it was a Jewish professor that had rejected his artwork; he became convinced that a Jewish doctor had been responsible for his mother’s death;”(http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/Adolf-hitler.htm)He started to kill the jews to make his society perfect because he thought that everything that was happened because of jewish people. he didn’t realize that t...

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...selves, and endless wars that they are part of. With people living in poverty the country starts to become in depth. When you are depth people can not pay taxes which causes people to have to move. When more and more people start to move the country starts to lose a ton of people then the whole country falls. People lose their country when they go into a small war or a big war and they lose. Once they lose that country is then taken over by the other one. Once the country is taken over everything starts to fall. You can have a good country but if you have a bad leader it won’t turn out to be a good country. Bad leaders make choices for themselves and not others. The whole country depends on what type of leader you have. People now know the 3 main reasons why societies fall. To keep your society from falling to keep mistakes from happening like they did in the past.

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