Why people prefer private school rather than public

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1. Front Matter 1.1. Proposed Title Why people prefer private school rather than public. 2. Introduction 2.1. Significance/rationale of the study It is very important to know that why people give importance to private school rather than public because this biasness create a big problem in society. People create a great difference between private and public school. Further, trend of private school is increasing day by day. This trend is developed by upper class. Middle and somehow lower class is following it just to stable their self respect. So why these facilities should not provided in public schools for at the level of middle and lower class because education is important part of every one life. It is served to the children that are able but are ignored from the side of their parents. For example due to gender biasness girls faces many problems, so if gender biasness is removed then girls can get opportunity to get education and serve the society. Because a study of a single girl is benefited for whole family. 2.2. Problem statement Why people prefer private schools rather than public schools. There are so many reasons as mentioned above and many studies are conducted on its reasons. These studies give benefit to people as well as public schools. As in an Article Zafar Mueen Nasir stated that there are so many flaws in public schools and said that large part of education need is fulfilled by private schools. In another article Kathryn Grady said that school resources have great impact on student’s performance. Once more Article states that If people prefer private school than reason is quality and if prefer to public school then reason is financial problem. But I find out a gap that is role of parents an... ... middle of paper ... ...y one scale. That’s why we made scales by our own self and use the self development technique for making the instrument. 5.8. Proposed data collection procedures In our study we do survey through questionnaire, because through the questionnaire we can get proper information of our study from parents of the children and questionnaire is also appropriate way to collect the data from parents in our study. 5.9. Proposed data analysis techniques We will use correlation and regression to check the relation between Independent and dependent variable of our study. We want to see the impact of Parent’s Education, Parental Attachment, Family Size, Parent’s Occupation/income, Family Background, School Distance and Gender to the Parent’s Behavior towards School Selection. 5.10. Proposed data analysis software We will use the SPSS 19 version software for data analysis.

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