Why is Water Essential for Life on Earth?

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There is no life on earth without water. Life almost certainly originated in water. From conception to birth, a child is natured in a sac of water (amniotic) fluid) which protects and cushions the foetus against physical harm. The birth of a child is heralded by the “breaking of waters” after a child is fed on breast-milk which is 90% water (Nagin, 2008).

Definition of water

Water in its pure form is a clear, colourless, odourless and tasteless liquid. It can exist in three states of matter, namely solid (ice), liquid and gas (vapour). The chemical formula for water is H20 which is interpreted as 2 hydrogen atoms and oxygen in a ratio 2:1.

The diagram below illustrates the formula for water using symbols: (Iowa State University)

Diagram showing states of water: Seavey (1998)

Water in its natural form us found in oceans, seas, man-made inland lakes and dams, rivers, streams as well as underground. The water which is found in these reservoirs is continuously replenished through the cynical rainfall system.

Diagram of the water cycle: (Evans, 2009)

Oceanic and sea water hosts a diverse range of aquatic life including edible fish and crustacean species which play an important role in the food supply chain. Oceanic and sea water is used in the production of sea-salt a commodity which is sold commercially throughout the whole world.

The highest percentage of fresh water found in lakes and dams is used for agricultural purposes. It is used for livestock watering and where feasible can be used for irrigation purposes. Some dams and lakes are built specifically for the generation of power-hydroelectricity...

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...ny people and contributes to the development of associated infrastructure.

The ability of water to make solutions is used for washing. The importance of water in personal hygiene cannot be over-emphasized. Human beings need to wash their bodies regularly in order to feel fresh, and wash hands in order to minimise the risk of cross infection.

The uses of water on Earth continue to expand. Physiotherapists use water for treating muscular-skeletal ailments, and midwives are experimenting on the advantages of water-birthing. These examples are using the warming and cooling effects or properties of water. In some religious sects water is used for baptism and for cleaning purposes because it is considered to be holy. In philosophy is it one of the four classical elements of the earth, alongside earth, fire and air; this signifies the importance of water on earth.
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