Why is Mexico City in Peril?

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The old city of Tenochtilàn is not what it used to be. To begin with, it has a new name: Mexico City or the doomed city as people would like to put it. But it is not doomed on account of a joint Russian-Chinese invasion. No, it’s doomed because of what it is, and let me tell you, Mexico City is something. To fathom the sheer massiveness of the cities current population and density is to sit in awe and wonder if the people are squashed into large anchovy tins. Many factors led to the sad state that is Mexico’s today. Major population growth and the negative effects of geography and climate affected Mexico City dearly. Pollution and the housing crisis also took a toll on the City and its people. But the real question is, how did these factors lead to getting the City in possible peril?

Urbanization is the real culprit in this case. The industrial revolution truly transformed Mexico City. Mexico was a little late to catch on with the industrial revolution but it eventually did, leading not to an expected future of peace and prosperity but to a polluted hell for people to live in. In 1930 the industrial revolution started and so did immigration the the City. The immigrants were mainly young adults considering starting a new family and so decide to bring up their young in the city. A number of reasons attracted them to move in from the provinces outside the city. The city had electricity and sewage drainage, leading to better sanitation compared to many of the villages in Mexico. The City had an industrial boom and so people wanted to take advantage of jobs produced. In addition to that he city provided medical care and better transportation services. Now the population of Mexico City was swelling very quickly, and what made it wo...

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...o the extra services. By the late 1980’s 50 percent of the population of Mexico City lived in irregular homes.

Mexico City as Gordon D. Mott put it, “preferred…to make the same tradeoff of nearly every Third World Nation – Develop instead about worrying about the ecology.” I believe this is a one of the biggest mistakes in the history of Mexico and the residents of Mexico would regret it for years to come. They strive for economic development while they forget the most important of things: the well being of their citizens. What is the point of being development when you have 20-30 families living in a home meant for one wealthy family? Now thinking about it, and imagining the life of the poor living there I am in utter disgust. Mexico City is in more than peril it is in living hell.

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