Why discrimination has never ended in America

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The United States has an unfortunate history of racism and discrimination. Ever since slaves were brought to America from Africa, African-Americans have been treated poorly and discriminated against. Many of these people lacked opportunity and education because it was denied to them. The Great Migration saw many African-Americans travel from the South of the U.S. to the North in search of opportunity and an escape from poverty. Great leaders such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. fought against racism and discrimination. However, African-Americans were not the only ones being discriminated against. Immigrants have also been discriminated against. Mexican-American immigrants are discriminated against. Many of them are not granted citizenship and therefore they are not given opportunity to work and have a better life. Both of these races are widely discriminated throughout the United States. Plays such as A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry and Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez describe the discrimination these people have experienced throughout American history. These plays are great reads and can show people who aren't aware of the issue just how tough it has been for Mexican-Americans and African-Americans. Progress has been made however; the civil rights movement saw the end of racist laws against African-Americans(such as colored people have to separated from whites). Unfortunately, there is still racism in modern society in the United States. Racism reeks in the streets of Kentucky, Arizona, Oklahoma, etc.. The argument can be made that racism has not ended yet in the United States. Racism was going strong as early as the Harlem Renaissance and has continued through modern society and it does not look like it will be leavi...

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...on would have a better chance of getting the job just because his name sounds like a Caucasian name. It is the same for Mexican-Americans. If someone is named Jose Chavez, they could also be rejected because it sounds stereotypically Mexican. This is very bad because many perfectly qualified employees won't be able to work just because they have a certain name. It is very unfair to those who actually went to school and worked hard to find a job only to lose it because of their racial background. The housing market is the same. A realtor may choose to show houses to a certain race. If a Mexican or African-American wants to find a house, they might be shown a house in a lower income neighborhood than a nicer neighborhood. That is unfair because they would never get to see a nicer house. This is just one example of how racism still lives in the United States.
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