Why are veterans important

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When you look into veterans eyes, you can see several things that are important. The pride shines through, the pride of serving ones country, and the dedication to protect other peoples freedom even it if requires paying the ultimate price. These men and women give their lives to give us our freedom. As a one of the many individuals that they are protecting it is vital that we see that pride and appreciate where it comes from. For a school project we interviewed veterans and reflected on those interviews, I gained a better understanding of how to answer the question: why are veterans important to us. Veterans remind us of the horrors of war, of the innocent lives that were lost, and the millions of people those lost lives affected. Each of those veterans that we see has served our country fighting not only for our rights but also for the rights of those across the world. They chose to leave their families, jobs, and life back home to go and make sure that those human rights were being maintained across the world. That sacrifice of leaving everything behind is mind blowing. ...
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