Why Young People Are Geting into Debt

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Why Young People Are Getting Into Debt

In today’s world young people are using debt to live what they think is the easy life, buying unnecessary items to keep up with the latest trends, partying, and switching from credit card to credit card to pay off racked up bills. In my opinion young people lack the knowledge, and understanding of how credit works, and what it takes to keep up with the responsibilities of owning a credit card. Another reason young people are getting into debt is from college loans. Some students jump from school to school unsure of what career they want to pursue, and some jump from school to school using financial aid to obtain the luxuries they couldn’t normally afford. I think the biggest reason of all for the debt accrued in the early years of adulthood though is irresponsibility. Young people get into debt because they lack knowledge, have many student loans, and are irresponsible when it comes to handling debt.

The lack of knowledge plays a big part in the debt young people are getting themselves into. Credit cards are often offered to young adults as soon as they get out of high school. Many take advantage of having a credit card without even thinking about the responsibilities that come with it, instead they think about the things they will be able to buy. In “Generation Debt” the author Tamara Draut says that young people are getting into debt younger than ever before. Two of the reasons that are more costly on young students that hit hard on the budget are car repairs, and travel for students who have families and friends in other states (231). From my experience I know first-hand what it was like to be offered credit cards right out of high school, and I didn’t hesitate to get any of them. I st...

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...ey buy things using credit without taking into consideration that life is always changing, there are always some unexpected bumps in the road that catch us off guard and can change our money situation, they are too concerned with being young and having fun, getting things the easy way. Some struggle because of the life situations they were thrown into, but most of them are struggling because they put themselves there and are too unwilling to change their lifestyle to get to a better place. Then there are those who do care but pursuing the dream career they want has left them swamped with school loans. Young people lack the knowledge and responsibility to handle credit cards and taking care of their debt, and some are just trying to get the job they dreamed of since they were young, leaving them paying for it later on in life mentally, emotionally, and financially.