Why You Should Learn Another Language

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“Hallo”,”Hola”, “Merhaba.” What comes to mind when someone says that they can speak another language? It is safe to assume that most of us are slightly impressed with that person. In America today there is a large portion of the population whom seem to have little interest and no inclination towards learning a second language; this is also true for many other parts of the world. People ask themselves why they should even bother themselves with such an arduous task. What many people do not realize it is that having the ability to speak another language makes them not only more marketable in the job market, but it also helps build cognitive skills.

The world is a large place, a large place with an incredibly high rate of competition. Ultimately, we grow up preparing ourselves to be integrated into the global society as functioning and efficient members. We all have had some version of the dream of having the best job with the best pay and having the ability to afford the finer things in life. Education, it is one of many; yet one of the most important determinants of realizing that dream life we all want. So why not learn another language to help give us an upper hand in the job market?

Globalization, regardless of location, is a reoccurring, unavoidable aspect of the job market. It is becoming a common necessity to conduct business with people who speak other languages. The language barrier is an impediment that employers are now seeking to rectify. Employers very often look for applicants with the ability to speak a foreign language, and more often than not, that one aspect helps great resumes look pristine. However, one has to keep in mind that the language, whether it is Portuguese, German, or Russian, should be a language...

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... makes them not only more marketable in the job market, but helps build cognitive skills.

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