Why Women Prefer to Work Outside the Home

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There has always been a dilemma for women: to work and give financial support for the family or to stay at home, bring up children and keep the household’s prosperity being a housewife. Traditionally, a female role in the family is to be a homemaker, the watcher of the hearth and home. For centuries women asserted their rights for equality and proved themselves to be not only good housewives, but bread winners as well. For some females work is a devotion to their career, for others it is the only way to survive. But the fact is, that more and more women prefer to be workers rather than homemakers for different reasons: from gaining financial independence and self-esteem by means of the career development to necessity to work due to the money shortage.

The first reason, why women choose to be workers, is that work gives them a chance to gain financial independence. It is fabulous when a family is financially supported by a husband and a female does not concern about going to work and spending all the day glued to the office table. Instead, she can take care of the atmosphere at home and bring up children. In this case, dinner is always be ready, children are always neat and a husband comes home and can indulge himself diving into the homelike atmosphere. Unfortunately, the world is quite cruel, and having dinner prepared a woman may one day find her husband not come home and applied for divorce. Such cases of spouse’s betrayals are not rare and what should a woman do in this situation, having two children and no working experience at all? There is another unforeseen circumstance as husband’s death. Although it is not accepted in the society to expect only the worth from life and tragic situations are bypassed by human’s...

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...e of full value. What is more, it became normal for spouses to share household chores and involve children in such kind of work. Although, it is nice for a woman to have a choice weather to work or not, but most of women just have to work due to financial circumstances and do their utmost to spend enough time with their families.

To sum it up it is necessary to say that there is not a huge difference which way a woman chooses to become a successful and self-esteem person if she manages to do it. There is a diversity of options for a female in life so it does not matter in what sphere she prefers to realize her potential. What really does matter is the ability of a woman to create a pleasant atmosphere to live in. And as the experience shows, women are smart and ambitious enough to succeed in working, keeping the house and bringing up children simultaneously.
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