Why Women Gained the Vote in 1918

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Why Women Gained the Vote in 1918 In 1918, women had finally gained the right to vote, after 68 long and hard years of campaigning and rebelling they finally got the vote they wanted. The women had tried everything like campaigning, getting them selves arrested, using the media and many more things were done. However, there were a couple of things that they did which really helped them get the right to vote and they were the fact that they helped the men in World War I, like loading the bombs shells with explosives and tidying the bomb shelters. Also I thought that the Suffragists played a vital role in getting the rights for women to vote because they proved to the men that they could protest and campaign without using violence or breaking the law, unlike the Suffragettes, who resorted to violence when they wanted their way or when they wanted to be heard. Before World War 1 there, were two groups of women that campaigned for votes for women and they were known as the Suffragists and the suffragettes. They called themselves the Suffragists because they were trying to mock the word Suffrage which means the right to vote. Then there were the Suffragists they were so different from the Suffragists yet they were so similar. Both groups of women were campaigning and fighting for the same thing, but the way they achieved the vote was very different. First of all the Suffragists only protested and campaigned without violence and they were law abiding. They thought that they should prove to the men that they were responsible and could act in a civilised manner. The Suffragists held meetings all over the country, they held over 1,300 me... ... middle of paper ... ... a strong supporter of giving women the vote, people started to realise that quite powerful political leaders were on the women's side. There were anti-suffrage groups about before the war, but because they were fighting in the war, they were not there to influence people not to give the women the vote. The press supported the vote for women because they could see actually how much strenuous work they were doing during the war. After 68 years, women finally gained the right to vote in 1918. 6 million women aged over 30 were allowed to vote in the general election. People had finally noticed all the hard and strenuous labour the women were doing during the war. I think that women should have been able to vote at the legal age men were. At least they had drawn closer to next stage in gaining the vote for all women.
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