Why Whistleblowers Should Be Protected

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Wrongdoings happen all around the world. Whether on a small or large scale, immoral practices such as abuse of power, cheating, money laundering, etc. are common in almost all of the countries. Whenever these cases happen, many people are bribed into concealing the secret and do so as they are told. This act causes that particular practice to grow and do even more damage to society while still being unknown to the innocent public. Although, there is almost always a person involved who is against the practice and wants to reveal what’s happening to world. Unfortunately, those who speak out, also known as whistleblowers, end up facing harsh consequences. What did these people do wrong? The point being, Whistleblowers should be protected because they uncover secrets that affect the public, expose unethical practices and help make the future better. One such example of bravery would be former NSA contractor, Edward Snowden who revealed the NSA’s mass surveillance program, PRISM. He leaked several documents bringing the PRISM program into existence which caused uproar against it and companies which supported it. His action brought to the publics’ eyes how the government was violating their privacy. Daniel Raphael, a college student, stated that “Most importantly of all perhaps is that it violates the first amendment, as it violates freedom of speech in a very real way, as we have now all been labeled as guilty until proven innocent.” (Raphael). Even though he was a hero in people like Raphael’s eyes, the government and much of the media demonized him. He had to leave his life in the U.S.A and flee to Hong Kong just to seek refuge. What did he do wrong? He exposed something he thought affected the public. He exposed something which t... ... middle of paper ... ...ted Cohn, Marjorie. Bradley Manning: An American Hero. 09 09 2010. 20 11 2013 . Dreyfuss, Ben. What is the NSA's PRISM program? (FAQ). 07 07 2012. 20 11 2012 . Kempa, Darcy. Edward Snowden News: Snowden Finally Reveals Himself to Be a Traitor. 25 07 2012. 20 11 2013 . Mohr, Angie. Whistleblowers And Their Impact On Business. 19 01 2012. 14 11 2013 . Raphael, Daniel. Why Edward Snowden Is a Hero. 07 11 2013. 20 11 2012 .
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