Why We Should Remember World War II

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Why We Should Remember World War II Bombs being fired, grenade pins being pulled, guns being shot, and land mines exploding are the sights and sounds of World War II. World War II was a historical moment for the whole world that should never be forgotten. World War II dealt with issues that had to be smoothed over after World War I. After a twenty- year hiatus, World War II began between the Axis powers, and the Allied powers. World War II should be remembered because of the bravery of the soldiers, the uniting of countries, and the patriotism of soldiers. All the soldiers that fought in World War II were very brave. All the soldiers knew that the war was going to come, but they were not sure when. Martin McLane was taken into war two days before his wife was due to have his baby. He said, “I was given special leave to go up and see her and I was the only one in the division that got to leave because she was dying.” The troops were prepared physically, armed with ammo, but where not prepared mentally for what they were going to see during war. The brutality of the war was worse than predicated. The death rate among soldiers and people was the thousands. During the war the soldiers were up against some of the most powerful countries in the world. It took courage and bravery to go on the front lines and start killing people. The war was all for freedom from other countries. Soldiers that fought in World War II should be remembered for their bravery, courage and dedication to their countries Armed Forces. Uniting among countries is not a topic that is often referred to during wartime. But in World War II countries united together for strength. They backed each other up in this time of great crisis. The war started between the small country of Poland and Hitler. When Hitler invaded Poland, not only did he mess with Poland’s army but also the army of the Allied Powers. The Allied powers consisted of the major countries, France, Great Britain, the United States, and the Soviet Union. Countries that did not get along all the time, joined together to form one huge army so that they could defeat the Axis powers.
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