Why We Crave Horror Movies By Stephen King

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Does anyone know why people find an interest in decapitating someone or slowly watch them get eaten by the dead? In the story Why We Crave Horror Movies the author, Stephen King, quotes numerous lines about death, murder, spirits, and many other violent quotes that people could think of. The author does a good job at this because of the way the story is said that makes people feel inside where the story takes place. Stephen King correctly states that people are all mentally ill, people need horror movies to stay normal, and to watch movies for that weird sort of joy. First off, Stephen King states that everyone is mentally ill, in so me way. For example, King states, “We’ve all known people who talk to themselves, people who sometimes squinch their faces into horrible grimaces” This is showing everyone is somehow mentally ill and that some people just hide it a little better. People are then faced with hiding their true emotions of craziness and fears like snakes, shadows, monsters, etc. Later on, Stephen King again quotes that, “people who have some hysterical fear of snakes, the dark, the light, the tight place, the long drop.” This then explains that some people have a psychotic fear that is either too insane to cure or just an inappropriate situation to deal with. Stephen King has a lot of very good points and very strong ideas but then again, no one is necessarily normal. King then points out that horror movies are the cure for some of the more “ill” people. Next, King then states that people need horror films to have some normality in them. In the short story “Why We Crave Horror Movies” Stephen King accurately states, “ the horror movie is innately conservative, even reactionary.” What this is saying is no matter how bl... ... middle of paper ... ...es. Of course, we would never maim or murder; however, we binge watch Investigation Discovery true crime docu dramas of every imaginable sort. We shell out our twenty bucks to watch the latest Stephen King inspired horror film. Stephen King rightly claims, they provide a psychic release central to the Human Condition. In the same way that we all experience love, joy, and sadness, we additionally experience aggression, hostility, and insanity. In conclusion, Stephen King makes three strong points about horror movies. Those three points are, everyone is mentally ill, humans watch movies for the essential normality and, people also watch horror films for the unnatural sort of joy. For example, King makes a good point and claims, “let loose to scream and roll around in the grass.” King is saying to basically express the feelings or normality and other relatable stuff.
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