Why We Crave Horror By Stephen King

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Growing up, it's taught to always stay aware of your surroundings. Why is that? Is it to warn someone that they are going to trip over a curb, or is it based primarily on the lethal actions that are occurring amongst society. Either way, the cliche hopefully helps to develop an understanding that not everything in the world works at one’s favor. As a result, it should be noted that not all people have a positive mindset, and may be entertained with the awfulness and savagery that one may display. Furthermore, Stephen King states in the article, “Why We Crave Horror?” that horror helps humans alter their emotions depending on significant occurrences. This capability is known as our human condition. Also, King claims that it helps us humans face our fears, re-establish our feelings of essential normality, and to experience an odd type of fun. Humans tend to crave horror as a way to face their fears. Due to King’s strange and frightening style of writing, the reader is left on the edge since they don't know what to expect when reading the literature of this unusual character. For example, in the text of, “Strawberry Spring”, the story begins in a normal and mellow tone until suddenly a fog hits. The next day the newspapers were drowned with the news that a woman, “had been murdered by her boyfriend”(King, “Strawberry Spring” 2). Accordingly, these actions are very frightening not only because they were unsuspected, but because they were performed by one lover to another. Also, the result of this horrifying incident is what we all dread, and that is death. As a result, this traumatising incident is “daring our nightmares”(King, “Why We Crave Horror, 1). Moreover, this story by King abides by his claim that we all view horror as a way... ... middle of paper ... ...is is only one of multiple examples showing a detailed explanation of an investigation of a murder scene. However, it is explicit that the author has the ability to grasp the attention of the reader by introducing a crisis in which someone is brutally injured. However, “the fun comes from seeing others menaced”( King, Why Do We Crave Horror, 2). Accordingly, this is a result of our human condition where we share a brotherhood of man which causes us to share the insanity as well. We as civilized people are taught to present a polite manner to society. However, deep down inside we hold anger and hatred for those we don’t agree with. As a result, we watch and read horror to hopefully provide a sense of relief, and to keep those monsters hidden from plain sight instead of physically echoing violence and crime when we feel like life is going is not going in our direction.
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