Why Vaccines Should Save Children

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“In the past sixty-years, vaccines have helped eradicate smallpox and are close to eradicating polio” (11 Facts About Vaccines). According to recent studies, “vaccines prevent more than 2.5 million deaths each year”(11 Facts About Vaccines). With that information being stated, parents need to consider vaccinating their children in order to assure them against life threatening diseases. Vaccines can save children and their parents time and money, they are safe and effective, and in general can spare their lives in the long run.
Having and caring for children can be expensive and does require an extensive amount of time, especially if a child is constantly getting ill from an unknown source. After many visits to the doctor’s office, hospital,
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To ensure that they live a long and prosperous life to adulthood, they need to passionately think about vaccinating their offspring. Immunizing at a young age can spare their lives in the long run from Measles, Polio, Pneumococcal disease, and Rotavirus etc. A mother of a 10 month old boy was lucky when her son contracted the measles from another mother who brought her ill son into the waiting room of a pediatrician 's office. The parents of that 10 month old baby boy said they “spent 3 days in the hospital fearing we might lose our baby boy. He couldn’t eat or drink, so he was on an IV, and for a while he seemed to be wasting away. When he began to be able to drink again we got to take him home”(106 Degrees: A True Story). Due to the doctors catching the measles in time and taking prescriptions, the baby boy ended up recovering successfully. The boy 's mother Megan explained, “people who choose not to vaccinate their children actually make a choice for other children and put them at risk”(“106 Degrees”: A True Story). She also said that, “at 10 months, my son was too young to get the measles, mumps, rubella (MMR) vaccine. But when he was 12 months old, we got him the vaccine - even though he wasn’t susceptible to measles anymore. This way, he won’t suffer from mumps or rubella, or spread them to anyone else”(“106 Degrees”: A True Story). Megan’s son was one of the unlucky toddlers to catch the measles virus. He was not old enough to get the vaccine to protect him against the disease. However, now that the child has had that experience, it made the parents firm believers in vaccination and protecting them against these terrible diseases. Another example of why vaccines saves lives is when a mother (Michele) of two twin boys William and Andrew contracted the Rotavirus and it nearly almost killed them. When the children were ten months old, “they came down with severe

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