Why Transformation fails

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The next error that Kotter refers to in his article is not systematically planning for and creating short-term wins. There is an old cliché that stays Rome was not built in a day, but slow progress does not mean any progress. In the Kotter article, he mentions that most people will not go on the long march unless they see compelling evidence within 12 to 24 months. It is clear that without short-term wins, your vision will not be adopted by your guiding coalition. More important, you never gain the additional support that is required to create change. You must create short-term wins instead of hoping for them to just happen. Establish some type of benchmark that is very attainable to begin with. This lets your company or organization know that you are moving forward and accomplishing set goals. With NEWC, I would have established a quick and simple win that everyone could see, the shareholders and the common employees. This short-term win would have to include results. I would make this goal clear to the company. The timeline for my goal would be 12 months, but this win would be attainable within six months. This would build confidence in the vision and prove to the coalition that the vision works. The next step or error in transforming change within an organization is declaring victory too soon. For success, you must continue consolidating improvements and producing still more change. So many organization make this common mistake. Change should be constant and organizations need to keep adapting to ever changing situations. Successful change in a sense is measured by longevity. Flexible leaders realize the need for change and innovation within a company. Great leaders are those that recognize the need fo... ... middle of paper ... ...o remain relevant, it must adapt to change. By applying Kotter’s eight-step process for change, the NEWC could adapt and become a very successful company. During this time, fiber optics is a relatively new concept. Still, it does not eliminate the need for wire and cable. As the leader of the company, I would continue to look for different markets for wire and cable. Additionally, I would also implement an employee-training program that would allow my current employees the opportunity to train on the new equipment. NEWC has been a successful company for a long time and has the potential to continue its success. Most companies fail not because of the products they produce, but because they fail to produce change. Great organizations normally do not fail, they just change leadership, and their focus for future endeavors.
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